More than often I have witnessed the perception of a PR Consultant’s job is very vague, mostly defined in silos – “So you are an event manager or a content writer or a media manager?”,  sometimes we even hear people saying, “Oh, so you get articles published in newspapers”. Well, a slight twist there!


I think a PR consultant’s role can never be limited to one aspect of the job, its one and all!


It might be a good time for us to throw away those old glasses from which we have been looking at PR all these years and get a fresh perspective. The most noteworthy changes of our times have occurred with the social media evolution – Blogging, Facebook and Twitter and how they have drastically transformed the relationship between the audience and those interacting with them. From a monologue to a conversation!


With the dawn of the new era, a PR professional is now playing myriad roles. I feel never before we had such a chance to explore our creative flair to this level.


In today’s 24×7 connected world, PR is more about simplifying the ongoing communication in the cluttered ecosystem through innovative ways. The time is right for us to hit the refresh button while defining Public Relations – where Relations are stronger and more complex than ever before.