All things Swiss!

WordsWork recently had a fourth stint at the most awaited international luxury watch exhibition – the Salon International De La Haute Horlogerie – better known as SIHH. SIHH is an annual exclusive showcase organised by the Richemont group in Geneva where all their sixteen brands showcase their new watch collections for the year.

This year – we had the proud privilege to work with two brands which have deeply inspired us – IWC and Baume et Mercier. Both brands steeped in a history of over a hundred years are an honour to work with and represent communications for in India.

As is the case every year; SIHH ends up being a very important PR moment for the watch brands and all key editors of top luxury and watch publications travel to the fair to view and collect content on the latest watches – the coverage of which trickles down pretty much over the entire year. So if the PR gets it right at SIHH it has a ripple effect across the whole year in terms of resonance for the brand.

Though at first one may feel intimidated at the entire scale of the event; what really blew us away was the level of professionalism we got to witness here – right from the immaculate event management, to the stunning booths of all brands present, to the finer details like the perfect press kits and imaginative storytelling.

The other layer to this is of course the diaspora of Indian media present for this. Right from GQ to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar to Mint, India Today and Times of India – all luxury and watch editors end up being one big warm friendly community in the otherwise freezing climate of Switzerland in January.

We have made many meaningful relationships and also got the right dose of creative inspiration to be able to story-tell for these wonderful brands through the year on what their beliefs, inspirations and expectations are for yet another wonderful year in watch making.

Right from the chocolates, cheese to these beautiful time pieces, all things Swiss are made to perfection! – and we are proud to say – we are learning from the very best!